Our trained paint specialists are here to offer helpful advice to ensure your success on every project. We custom color match any paint and we know what works best in our local environment.

Before you begin your painting project, check out these useful tools:

(Paint Project Checklist)
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Here are some of the paint brands you can find at our store:
  • Clark & Kensington

    Ace Hardware's newest paint line, Clark & Kensington was rated #1 by Consumer Reports in 2013. That's right, after a battery of testing, Clark & Kensington beat out Behr, Kelly Moore, and all other major brands to claim the top-spot for the highest quality paint on the market, scoring higher than paints twice the price! According to Consumer Reports, "Clark & Kensington was the highest scoring of all 65 paints tested...great at hiding, leaving a smooth finish that resisted stains and scrubbing with little change in gloss after cleaning”
    • Specs:
    • Paint and primer in one product
    • Superior coverage (250-400 sq feet per gallon)
    • Ultra-smooth finish
    • Low VOC
    • Micro-bead technology for superior durability
    • Saves time , money , and effort

  • Ace Royal Paint

    (Interior, Exterior, Stain, Primer)
  • Classic performance and beauty at a sensible pice. Nice, velvety Ace Royal goes on like a dream, cleans up in a snap and offers years of long lasting beauty.
    • Made in the USA
    • Value driven
    • Environmentally smart
    • Cutting-edge technology
    • Great quality

  • Benjamin Moore

    (Interior - Regal Select™, Ben™, Exterior - Regal Select™, Ben™, Stain - Arborcoat™) Founded in 1883, Ben Moore produces premium quality paints and finishes in a beautiful pallet of colors.
    • Innovative leader in coating resins and colorants
    • Class leading application properties, durability, and longevity
    • Excellent product stewardship, safety, and environmental management
    • Trusted quality

  • Duckback Stains

    from Chico, CA
    Duckback's premium quality stains and sealers are designed to help you get more from the time that you spend outdoors. Their innovative products are expertly formulated to protect and beautify your wood surfaces.

  • Superdeck

    transparent and semi transparent stain, a contractor and DIY favorite since 1989. Formulated for our harsh winter and summer conditions.

  • Cabot Stains

    • Trusted wood stain products since 1877
    • Easy to apply
    • Long lasting finishes
(Cabot's tips on choosing opacity)
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